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Web Publishing Resources

Here are a number of sites and downloads with some great information on web publishing. They have been selected for their relevance to media websites but would suit anyone, really.

Check back because this page is going to get updated when we find more stuff.



Fantastic website about making money online. Simple, clear, suggestions. Highly recommended.

Is exactly what it sounds like.

Chris Garrett is one of the unofficial kings of Web 2.0. He poses a lot of thoughtful questions.

Copyblogger is one of our commercial director's favourite sites. One of the best sources of web marketing information out there.

About designing for social media. There is a lot of theory here but it is a goldmine if you are interested in this stuff.

Darren Rowse - another Web 2.0 king. He focuses on blogging mainly but the site is worth checking regularly.

Also what it sounds like: resources for marketing professionals.



» State of The News Media 2008
US-based report with some compelling findings on media companies and the web.

» Web 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders
Brilliant overview on today's best practice for using the web effectively.

» Beginner's Guide to Business Blogging
A beginner's guide to business blogging. Funny, that.

» The New Rules of Viral Marketing: How Word-Of-Mouse Spreads Your Ideas For Free
An almost flawless explanation of why YouTube probably isn't working for you right now.



Yes, you read that right. Ol' Timey books still have something valuable to teach us. Especially these two:

» Meatball Sundae
By marketing superhero, Seth Godin. Best. Book. Ever.

» The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape The World For The Next 5, 10 and 20 Years
By James Canton. Not about web publishing per se, but an excellent overview of the playing field your company now operates in.