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The Five Pillars of Publishing Wisdom

If there were any such thing as the five pillars then ID would have compiled it - and what do you know, we have! The following is a list of things every media site MUST do; and do well; to ensure its survival.

1. Publish regularly

Easier said than done in a work environment built on tight print deadlines. That's why IDenterprise automatically exports from In Design when your articles are ready - freeing up hours of converting and uploading time. We believe this time is better spent creating original web copy.


2. Talk to your users

Media is a conversation now. The broadcast approach could only flourish in a media scare environment - and there are 750 million web pages now. IDenterprise offers a completely scalable social media solution from simple blog comments to full user profiles, email databases, user generated content, etc. This one neatly folds into the third pillar:


3. Be found

How do you find things online? And have you checked where your client's website shows up in those search results? Even better... do you know how much traffic actually comes through your homepage? It is probably less than half. Every page of your website is now your homepage. There is no point in throwing up lots of flash animations and amazing client offers if your customers cannot find you. As part of the IDenterprise rollout, ID can guarantee that your site is search engine optimised with the best of them.


4. Make money

The second half of the fourth pillar could almost be "or go home". Put simply, your media business is only going to survive if you start monetising your website now. We are in the business of making money from online advertising and all IDenterprise media partner websites are making money from the second they are live.


5. Continue to innovate

The internet has done crazy things to innovation and speed to market. Your website can no longer something you put together just to say you have one and then re-do the whole process a couple of years later. Remember, your users are only one click away from leaving your site forever - and their expectations are high. What makes it worse is that there is simply no idea what is going to pass for the minimum requirements on a media website in twelve months time.

That's why IDenterprise is sold as a license. Let us handle the ongoing innovations. Your site will continue to improve and roll-out new features over the life of your license.