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Microsoft Retires IE6

On February the 12th Microsoft stepped up their efforts to encourage users to upgrade their web browsers to Internet Explorer 7.0. That day saw Microsoft automatically rolling out an upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 through their Windows Server Update Services which is used by many large companies. While this doesn’t affect home users it shows Microsoft is pretty darn serious about moving users off IE6 to avoid many security issues with the (now) elderly browser.

Why does this matter? Every browser on the market brings its own collection of quirks and eccentricities to the web. ID always endeavours to make websites compatible with the browsers used by 98% of users but as technology rolls on and new browsers continue to be adopted this task becomes trickier and more time consuming. One less browser will make it easier for us to make good websites, though as Microsoft will be unveiling Internet Explorer 8 in March we’re not putting our feet up yet.

Download Internet Explorer 7 here: 
Or download Firefox (a very good alternative) here: