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Vorb TV is Launched

Today saw the release of the first episode of Vorb TV a regular web video show covering cycling around New Zealand. Vorb TV is being cut together by our new video editor Toby Nowland-Foreman and its presented and directed by Tama Easton with guidance from Chris Claridge and Gary Hogg - who’ve got more experience with video and TV than they care to admit.

Vorb TV will be coming out fortnightly featuring cycling footage gathered from around the country using a network of freelance cameramen from Auckland to Dunedin.  ID is making good use of our in-house video production equipment with plans to expand the video suite to handle green-screening and other nifty tricks.

Natcoll came to the party with support for Vorb TV over November. Toby recently finished a “Diploma of Video Post Production” at Natcoll with Vorb TV being his first steady grad job so this has tied together nicely.

Anyway, enough of reading text onto the video: Vorb TV - Episode 1