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A quick snapshot of the New Zealand Online Market

General audience growth 

64% of New Zealanders aged 10+ were using the internet in Q4 2002. That figure in Q4 2008 is 82% (Source, Nielsen Media Research Panorama)

Time online 

The average amount of time New Zealanders spent in a typical session online in December 2005 was 7 minutes, 3 seconds. This increased – by 24% - to 8 minutes 39 seconds in December 2008. (Source, Nielsen Online Market Intelligence Domestic Traffic – Average Session Duration)

Spending online is becoming more and more popular among New Zealanders 

The amount spent by New Zealanders online for Christmas 2008 was $738 million, a massive increase from $452m the previous Christmas. Despite the economic conditions, or perhaps, because of Christmas, shoppers are moving their spend online. As a percentage of overall Christmas spend, online went from 25% in 2007 to 38% in 2008. (Source, Nielsen Online Retail Monitor). Note that this spend includes travel and entertainment for the Christmas season.

(Source: Nielsen Online)