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Vorb Product Feeds Are Go!

Vorb ProductsVorb has added product feeds to its quiver of services for users and advertisers. The feeds are pulled in automatically from Vorb advertisers with product name, information, pricing and of course photos. The products are currently displayed randomly across the Vorb website giving every advertiser equal exposure. The numbers have been staggering to say the least with over 1,000 product click throughs recorded every day in the first 5 days of operation across 2,300 products from 4 trial advertisers.

April will see more advertiser product feeds added with additional functionality linking products with content subject and allowing users to search and browser the products on offer. We see this sort of service which combines unobtrusive, context relative advertising as a really powerful win-win tool. Advertisers are ecstatic to access the Vorb audience of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts a day, and as the numbers show the users love the range of products on offer.

See the feed in action here.