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Vorb is a hive of activity

TwitterVorb is continuing to hum with registered users rising at an average of 5% every month this year to 17,500 users, over half of whom are subscribed to the weekly Vorb Newsletter. On average the busy Vorbii add a post to the site once every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For added information overload Vorb has very recently joined the Twitter here - and has already gathered 50 followers in the first day. It almost makes you nostalgic for the pre-internet days when people had to distract themselves from work with crosswords, building rubber band balls and setting off fire alarms.

Tama visited Rotorua for the New Zealand Singlespeed Champs over ANZAC Weekend which are one of the more quirky events of the mountain biking calendar. If you can imagine a few hundred people in fancy dress riding around a forest on dilapidated single geared bikes while drinking beer you’re almost there. Tama used PXT 2 Vorb to send a pile of photos back to the website in real time, and managed to shoot a nifty video too.

Such is Vorb's success that a move into other outdoor activities was a logical step.  Vorb will now cover all of NZ's favourite winter outdoor activities, skiiing, snowboarding, climbing; in fact pretty much anything you can do outside without a motor.