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The Da Quincei Code: The Quince - Harmless fruit or instrument of Satan

Garden of Eden: It can now be revealed that in fact, the forbidden fruit that tempted Adam, wasn't an apple... it was a quince.

Eruption of Mt Vesuvius 76 AD: Was it mere coincidence that Mt Vesuvius erupted, destroyed Pompeii and killed thousands only 2 days after the Annual Festival of the Quince was celebrated in Rome?

The Black Death 1347 AD. The great plague swept over Europe and killed one third of the population. The primary culprits were thought to be oriental rat fleas carried on the backs of black rats. We know better now don't we? You guessed it... the quince. A batch of rotten quince jam was thrown out of the kitchen window at the Heidleburg Castle and into the Rhine. Only a short trip from there into the local water supply and Europe is being woken up to 'Bring out your dead" at 6.00 am in the morning.

Battle of Trafalgar. Death of Lord Horatio Nelson. 21 Oct. 1805. It's been widely thought that as Lord Nelson was lying dying on the deck of the HMS Victory, supposedly struck down by a French bullet; that he whispered to his loyal second in command Hardy. "Kiss me Hardy". Fairly unlikely... because whatever our old mate Horatio was, he was no nancy boy. No.. indeed. What he actually said was "It was that jolly quince we had for brekkie. It's really given me the collywobbles". Then he snuffed it.

World War 1. 1914-18. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914 precipitated The Great War. What is little known is that the Archduke and his entourage had dined the previous evening at the Serbian Royal Palace. Guess what was on the menu? Yep.. .you're right... Gerp Fowl livers with a rich quince sauce. Say no more!!

Bombing of Hiroshima. August 6. 1945. The dropping of the world's first atomic bomb by the US Air Forces, B29, Enola Gay and her crew, killed 140,000 civilians and lead to the surrender of Japan shortly thereafter. In a little known coincidence, only a day before, the Emperor of Japan had gone on national radio and exhorted the civilian population, in the face of growing food shortages "Ko naji majakimas o sekkai bun quince e rice doko ne taji o karamas" widely translated as "go into your gardens and plant quince and rice to help us ward off the foreign devils". That really worked didn't it, as, first Hiroshima and then Nagasaki sucked the big kumara?

Assassination of John F Kennedy. Nov 22. 1963. The assassination of America's most popular post war president in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald, heralded in the quagmire that became Vietnam, the birth of a counter culture in the USA and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. With him in the presidential vehicle on that fateful day as they drove past the Texas Book Depository Building in Dealey Plaza was his wife Jackie Kennedy. In her testimony to the FBI, Jackie Kennedy told investigators, that her and her husband were discussing the beautiful fruit laden quince tree that had been planted on the now famous grassy knoll. On inspecting the scene after the shooting, no quince tree was found.......... is that spooky or what?

Fall of Saigon. April 30.1975. The end of the Vietnam War and America's first post war military defeat as North Vietnamese army troops surged into South Vietnam's capital. As later explained in the diary of North Vietnamese Army Intelligence Colonel Van Tro Nuc "The Americans left in such a hurry from the roof via helicopter, that the office of the US Ambassador in the Embassy building still had a bowl full of fine fresh (you guessed it) quince sitting in the reception area.

Space Shuttle Columbia. Feb 1.2003. The space shuttle exploded and disintegrated over Texas during the re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, with the loss of all seven crew members, shortly before it was scheduled to conclude it's 28th mission. A NASA search of the area where most of the debris fell revealed a 2kg bag of fresh quince among the wreckage of the crew's cabin. Coincidence......? I seriously doubt it my friends.

From the death of Cleopatra, the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Great Fire of London, Jack the Ripper, the death of Diana Princess of Wales, the quince connection is a common thread, linking all these pivotal events.