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I’m pleased to announce another phase in Vorb’s development. After a very busy 8 months of solid development we’re very close to being able to move on from the coding and focus on the content.
During the next few months I will be moving to Nelson - fulfilling a long time dream for my partner (Heather) and I - and taking on a more mobile “Editor at Large” role in Vorb to focus on content and community.
The past 6 months have seen the introduction of a number of really successful features in Vorb including:
·         A rebranding with new logo, font and graphics
·         A brand new faster engine making the most of the latest technology
·         Channels allowing users to categorise content in multiple areas of the site
·         Product Feeds – which are proving incredibly popular with the Vorbii
·         Product Categories, browsing and searching
There is still a layout change in the pipeline taking in feedback from advertisers and Vorbii but beyond that there’ll be only minor tweaks and ongoing maintenance from the code end of things. I’ll be making the most of this milestone to spend less time in the office and more time out and about generating content and networking with the cycling/ outdoors community.

If you need to get in touch +64 21 701092 and will always work. Let me know if you have any questions.