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Chris Claridge | Managing Director

Chris Claridge is currently the Director of ID Digital Media Ltd. Chris has worked for the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce as a business advisor and lobbyist at central Government level. He was the Dean of Business Studies and Senior Lecturer in Management and Marketing at the Christchurch College of Education. He specialises in online communication, marketing and online publishing.

Chris has been involved in business issues at a national level and international level. His activities have included responsibility for organising the Business Forum at the Sixth APEC SME Ministers Meeting; recipient of an Asia 2000 Fellowship and the presentation of papers at international SME conferences.
Chris has an entrepreneurial background in innovation and technology management, and the development of new products and services.

They say everyone has a secret life and Chris is no exception. Come the weekends and after a frenzied bout of Morris Dancing, Chris pursues his passion for organic gardening in his suburban plot. Stuttgart Long Keepers (an onion), zucchini, red onions, you name it, it all grows in Claridge Fields. Even better, after putting on his flurocescent yellow bike clips and pottie helmet, he jumps on his bike and brings his bounty to work and shares it with the office.

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Chris Claridge

Hameesh Bhana | Multimedia Creative

Being brought up on a heavy dose of 1cent lollies, 80's rock guitar legends and indian culture can only be a good mix for any young'd think. But Ham made it through those childhood years unscathed, some extensive tooth decay, but at least a sense of rhythm.
After finding his way through aisles of career options he found himself training in multimedia design.
Ham joined the ID team in 2003, mixing it up with print, interactive media, web, the odd TVC and some casual help desk support; who did this guy think he was? The president of india? He now fills his day's on the net looking for the next big thing.

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Hameesh Bhana

Rik Unthank | Senior Web Programmer

Born in Aldershot, England. From the early age of three my parents took me to live in some of the worlds more unstable countries; Iran, Venezuela, Northern Ireland and the USA. After being ejected from most of those countries it was time to return home to get a proper education. After school I went on to study and complete a BSc. in computer science at Staffordshire University, qualification enough to be released into the workforce. Over the years I've worked with most computer languages and on most computers, from IBM mainframes to 8-bit microprocessors (the kind of things they put in calculators). After trapping a wife, a kiwi on OE in the UK for 10 years, it was time to see how green the grass is on the other side. Outside of work I love all things two-wheeled. Passionate about anything fast, be it powered or not, I'm as happy trying to go fast on bikes as I am fettling in the garage trying to make them go faster.

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Rik Unthank